Origin and Cause, Forensic Investigations

Origin and Cause Inc., Canada's leading forensic investigations company contacted me at the end of April to shoot their company headshots as part of their company's re-branding and image update. In one day, I shot 19 staff headshots in two cities, with six more headshots the following Wednesday.

OCI contacted me because they love my style and they love the way the images pop right off the screen. I was also contracted to provide my lighting setup specs so photographers in other cities -- Winnipeg, Halifax, Sunbury, etc. -- could replicate my look. I handle all the retouching on the raw images provided by those photographers to maintain consistency across the company's branding.

The staff were really great, and although it was tough to get some of these folks to lighten up and smile, we all had a good time and the company was really happy with the results. I have a two-year first-right-of-refusal contract in place for all photography services with the company, and continue to shoot headshots for them as they grow and add staff members.

Below are a selection of the corporate headshots I made for Origin and Cause.